Speed and Accuracy

in entrance operations

See results in seconds and receive alerts for suspicious activity.

Accurately verify vaccine passports and IDs in one tap to keep queues moving and patrons happy.

North America's

largest ID scanning network

Spot trouble and catch fake IDs leveraging Patronscan's expansive network

Check IDs against the shared flagged list for known risks to public safety and disturbances.

Supports Verifying

SMART Health Cards

Verifies the most common forms of vaccine passports

Compatible with federal, state and provincial vaccination passports using the SMART Health Card format

Security and Privacy

at the forefront

Designed to only verify the QR code information required to prove vaccinations

Patronscan does not retain vaccination records. The scanner only validates the name, encryption, COVID-19 vaccinations and/or tests contained in the QR code.

Spot Counterfeits

and catch fake IDs

Trusted verification technology to spot fabricated documents and IDs

Use Patronscan’s leading algorithms to detect fake documents, fake vaccine passports and spot public safety threats

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