Spot minors and

catch fake IDs

Fake IDs are cheaper and better than ever before. Use Patronscan, the most accurate fake ID scanner.

Patronscan catches thousands of fake IDs every week. Our fake ID detection algorithm can authenticate IDs and identify fakes within seconds.

Validate age and expiry

from over 4,700 IDs

Minors often use out-of-state fake IDs that are more difficult for employees to catch.

Patronscan scans IDs from anywhere in North America including military IDs, status cards and passports. It also support verifying IDs issued from most major issuing authorities around the world.

Catch resellers with

the shared flagged list

Spot bootleggers flagged by other vape shops to prevent youth from purchasing on the black market.

Disrupt the black market by identifying resellers when they scan their ID. Receive alerts when individuals frequent multiple vape shops in a short period of time.

Secure and

privacy compliant

Patronscan works hard to remain compliant in all jurisdictions in which it operates.

Most ID scanners do not comply with privacy legislation in Canada and US jurisdictions. Rest assured that Patronscan routinely monitors privacy laws to stay compliant.

Trusted Technology

Patronscan's fake ID detection was developed using over 110 million scans and 15 years of innovation.

Expired ID Flags

Receive alerts for expired IDs and identify minors using lost or stolen IDs to buy vapour products.

Challenge Questions

Ask a set of challenge questions if you suspect an ID doesn't belong to them. Verify answers with the scanner.

Why Patronscan?

Because we are driven by continuous innovation, hyper customer care and precision ID authentication technology to fight identity fraud on the world's largest ID scanning network.

Ids Scanned

Fakes Detected


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