Spot minors and

catch fake IDs

Verify age and use the best fake ID detection technology developed over the last 15 years.

Patronscan analyzes over 6,000 data points to determine an ID's authenticity. Verify over 4,500 IDs from around the world, including all driver's licenses and passports with near-zero false positives.

The bouncer that

never forgets a face

Spot trouble from 50,000+ individuals known for assaults, chargebacks, drugs and property damage.

Reduce nightlife incidents by as much as 97% by spotting trouble before it becomes a problem. Receive alerts when troublemakers scan their ID including details on why they've been flagged.

Get peace of mind

for pennies an hour

Receive security alerts when flagged patrons, inspectors or minors arrive at the door.

Keep a pulse on your venue with live stats sent to your phone. Access patron history to flag individuals, review your demographics and register members.

“On thanksgiving, a lot of people were out. We ran into four banned patrons for serious offences, sexual assaults, one fake ID and an underage [patron]. That was a night that it really worked out for us. Any one of those problems could have turned into a huge problem."
- Daniel Alemar, Owner of Highwater
I love that you get the demographics. They send you updates every hour once you're open... how many people in your club, how many men, how many women, when's your busiest time. I love that because it helps market your business.
- Linda Allen, Owner of Lambda Cabaret
“When Patronscan first came in it was a breath of fresh air. For what it can do, it was far superior than what we were currently using.”
- Vincent May, Head of Security, Cowboys

Manage memberships

and treat VIPs

Deliver memorable experiences by sending staff notifications when VIPs arrive.

Handle private club membership requirements and reward big spenders with special treatment. Tier your members into groups so your door staff recognize and welcome your most valued patrons.

Valuable insights

into your business

Receive daily, weekly and monthly reports on performance and demographics.

Spot trends and build relationships with your most valuable patrons. Boost revenue by tailoring your marketing efforts to demographics most likely to spend more.

Why Patronscan?

Because we are driven by continuous innovation, hyper customer care and precision ID authentication technology to fight identity fraud on the world's largest ID scanning network.

Ids Scanned

Fakes Detected


Secure Multiple Entrances

Patronscan ID scanners sync in real-time at each of your entrances. It's the only surefire way to prevent ID passing.