ID Verification

Patronscan’s leading ID verification technology catches most fake IDs in seconds. Our proprietary algorithms go beyond simple ID authentication to look for pixel-level discrepancies present in the modern counterfeit.

ID Barcode/MRZ Parsing

Over 4,600 different IDs are supported by Patronscan’s technology with support for the majority of barcodes and MRZ formats. Capture date from driver’s licenses, military cards, membership cards, passports and more.

Camera Scanning

Integrate Patronscan’s scanning software into your iOS, Android, web or desktop application to authenticate IDs and capture data. Receive authentication responses in seconds, not hours or days.

Access Control Solutions

Connect our ID scanning technology to controlled entrance points to prevent unauthorized access. Proven to prevent theft by as much as 97.5% while restricting access to age-gated products and services.

KYC Screening

Manage risk and adhere to KYC regulations by checking individuals against databases of known fraudsters and politically exposed individuals.

Hardware Integrations

Our ID scanners fit into most solutions. Easily integrate our phyiscal ID scanners into your custom application with just a few lines of code.

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