Fraudsters frequently

use fake IDs

Criminals often use high-quality fake IDs to commit identity fraud.

The majority of ID scanners will not catch sophisticated fake IDs. Patronscan reliably catches fake IDs by performing advanced analysis on both the front and back of an ID.

Proven technology

to catch fake IDs

Patronscan scans over a million IDs and catches over 7,500 fake IDs every week.

With over 15 years of experience catching fake IDs, Patronscan uses proprietary algorithms that look for slight discrepancies in fonts, spacing and layouts to determine an ID's authenticity.

Scans under dynamic

lighting conditions

Scans include sequences of infrared and white light to authenticate security features.

Patronscan's PiBox dynamically activates lights when scanning to authenticate IDs. Advanced algorithms check for the appropriate responses and flag fraudulent features.

Validate age and expiry

from over 4,800 IDs

Catch minors presenting fake IDs from just about anywhere. See alerts for expired and underaged IDs.

Scan IDs from any North American government-issued ID including military IDs, status cards and passports. Includes support for verifying IDs issued from all over the world.

The world's largest

library of fake IDs

Patronscan matches scans against our extensive database of fake ID templates.

Positive fake ID matching is just another way we catch more fake IDs than any other scanner. Known fake ID templates are continuously built into the system for even better accuracy.

Security Notifications

Send SMS alerts directly to your security team every time a fake ID is caught or when customer interactions require intervention.

Ask Challenge Questions

Not sure if an ID really belongs to a person? Ask a series of generated challenge questions based on the ID and gauge their reaction.

Suspicious Visit Alerts

Fraudsters often target multiple locations during a crime spree. Receive alerts for individuals that are making consecutive visits to your locations.

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